Today am taking you all to an another dream destination of many, yes my today’s post is from Mauritius. Mauritius cuisine is a real mix of French, Chinese and Indian cuisine,however this cuisine is very much influenced by our Indian cuisine. While googling about this Mauritian cuisine, i was surprised to see that their most popular dishes are always prepared with an Indian touch. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Cook by capital as theme. Hence i picked the alphabetic letter ‘P’, after Paris and Prague, i couldnt stop myself to pick Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis, is very much known for their street foods. And i picked one of the most known and popular drink which quite common in Central Market in Port Louis. And this drink is easily available anywhere in the island.

Mauritian Alouda, Chilled Alouda

Inspired by Indian Falooda which calls for rose syrip, basil seeds, vermicelli, sweetened milk and icecream, this Alouda is almost like this Indian drink but this drink includes agar agar. Alouda can be a delicious dessert to indulge after a meal though its consider as a drink for hot summer days. Usually rose syrup, strawberry syrup or mint syrup are used for flavoring this chilled milk drink. Milk and sweetened condensed milk are the two key ingredients for making this ultimate drink. This drink is definitely a must to give a try. You cant escape from this drink if you walk down in the streets of Port Louis. A prefect thristy quencher which makes your tummy full as the agar agar makes more satisfying.

Alouda, Chilled Milk Drink

Recipe Source: Here
3cups Milk
1/2cup Sweetened condensed milk
2tbsp Basil seeds
1/4cup Agar agar
Rose syrup or strawberry syrup (as per need)

Soak the basil seeds in enough water.

Bring a cup of water to boil, add the agar agar sticks and cook until they gets well dissolved.

Transfer this to a plate and let it cool completely. Once cooled, break the agar agar with a fork as small pieces, keep aside.

Alouda, Alouda cold Milk

Bring boil the milk, sweetened condensed milk as bit thick milk.

Let it completely, arrange it in fridge.

While serving, drop a tablespoon of rose syrup or strawberry syrup to a tall glass.

Top it with chilled sweetened milk, drop a generous amount of agar agar and top it with basil seeds.

Serve chilled.

Alouda, Mauritian Alouda

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