Who will say no to Semolina ladoos aka rava laddus, definitely not me, everyone at home enjoy this incredible Indian sweets. One of the most popular Indian sweets is rava laddoos. Yes we, Indians usually prepare this easy breezy sweets quite quickly with simple preparation. Usually with just three ingredients, one can make these dangerously sweets with less efforts. Even in my Diwali sweets list, rava laddoos have their own place.However my today’s post is definitely a must to try, if you want make these tremendous laddoos with an healthy twist. Adding millets to the usual rava laddoos makes them more interesting, healthy and nutritious as well. Kids enjoy these cute laddoos, as the addition of millets makes its more aromatic and dangerously delicious.Apart from adding barnyard millet aka thinai in this sweets, i didnt make any changes.

Thinai Rava Laddoo, Barnyard millet Laddoo

Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Millet dishes as theme. After a fabulous,Karnataka’s popular halwa aka Halubai, here comes an another sweet to bookmark without any fail. Thinai rava laddoo makes a prefect sweet to prepare with less efforts for a potluck party or for a get together or else simply for a festival or celebration. Easy to make, its really a great fun to roll this laddoos with your kids as a weekend activity if you have your kids around. We enjoyed these laddoos thoroughly, a must to try if you have barnyard millet in your pantry.

Barnyard Millet Sweet Balls, Thinai Laddoo

1cup Barnyard millet/Thinai
1cup Semolina /rava
2cups Sugar
6nos Cardamom seeds
3/4cup Ghee
Few broken cashew nuts

Grind the sugar and cardamom seeds together as fine powder.

Meanwhile roast the barnyard millet and semolina separately in a kadai until a nice aroma comes out, put off the stove and let them cool completely..

Grind this roasted barnyard lukket & semolina as powder,add the sugar mixture and mix well.

Heat the ghee and fry the broken cashews until they turns brown.

Semolina & Barnyard Millet Laddoos

Add the hot ghee and fried cashews to the barnyard millet,semolina-sugar mixture, mix everything well and make out small balls from the mixture.

You can also use more ghee or milk while making this laddoos.

Store them in an air tightened box.


Thinai Rava Laddoo

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