Diwali is around the corner and everytime i will keep on looking for this festivals of lights to celebrate at home with my family. Again this year Diwali falls on a week day, but fortunately we are in fall break here. Hence this year’s Diwali is going to be more fun than last year. Actually am planning to make couple of sweets and savouries for this occasion. I usually make laddoos with besan boondis which is quite a popular diwali sweet. Boondi laddoo calls for deep frying and sugar syrup to dish out these ultimate cuties. However easy version of Besan laddoos do exists and one among those easy laddoos is my today’s Besan Badam Laddoos. One of the easiest laddoo i have prepared till today and quite a delicious one to share with your family and loved ones.

Almond Gramflour Laddoo,Besan Badam Laddoo

Just with usual ingredients, one can dish out this cuties with less efforts. Apart from roasting the besan aka gram flour, this sweet is definitely an easiest one to prepare for any festival or for a celebration. With less besan and more almond powder, one can prepare this laddoos quickly than the other traditional sweets we usually prepare for Diwali festival. Trust me you wont miss the usual Boondi laddoos if you dish out this nutty and easy laddoos. We enjoyed this laddoos very much. I went for sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar and milk. If you dont have sweetened condensed milk at home, dont worry, just replace it with sugar and milk. Sounds easy rite. Prepare these cuties for Diwali this time, and please your near ones with this ultimate gluten free sweet balls.

Besan Badam Laddoos

1/2cup Besan/Gram Flour
1cups Almond powder
1cup Sweetened condensed milk
Cardamon powder (as per need)
Chopped nuts (as per need) (optional)
1tbsp Ghee

Take the besan in a heavy bottomed pan and dry roast until a nice aroma comes from.

Add the almond powder, ghee and roast for a while.

Now add the sweetened condensed milk and cook everything in a medium flame until the mixture turns thick and gets off from the pan.

Badam Besan Laddoo, Almond Besan Laddus

Add the chopped nuts, cardamom powder, mix well.

Put off the stove.

Transfer the mixture to the plate, grease your hands and roll laddoos out of the mixture.

Make the laddoos while the mixture is slightly warm.

Conserve them in an air tightened box.

Almond besan Laddoo, Gluten free Besan Badam Laddoo

And this post is going for #DiwaliDhamaka at Desi Bloggers Connect, dont forget to check other bloggers who are joining their hands to share their tasty and innovative dishes for this celebration.

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