Pancakes, these tiny stove top cooked cakes are my younger one’s favourite, he just love to eat pancakes to kick start his day. Pancakes are easier to prepare and quick to cook if you have  dont have much time to spend in your kitchen. I have already tried couples of pancakes in my kitchen. Either they are with eggs or eggless, multigrains or else with fruits or vegetables, my space have already varieties of pancakes. However am yet to dish out some unique and healthy pancakes to feed my pancake loving kiddo. And my today’s post is a fabulous,healthy, eggless, butterfree pancakes which calls for buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, mashed banana along with usual ingredients. I have been cooking many dishes out of buckwheat flour recently, yes i love their earthy taste in any dishes they are added. Even i rolled some Indian style flatbreads recently to have for our dinner and we loved it with some spicy tomato chutney. Apart from their dull colour to the dishes they are added, this flour is definitely a healthy and incredible addition to our diet.

Buckwheat Pancakes, Eggless Buckwheat Pancakes

Am running my first week of blogging marathon with Easy breakfast dishes, after blogging for a whole month of september we are back to our usual blogging marathon. To kick start this three days blogging marathon i opted for easy breakfast dishes. After posting two easy and healthy breakfast dishes, i couldnt stop myself to blog about this healthy pancakes which i preapred for my family few days back for our sunday brunch. Buckwheat pancakes with banana makes an excellent breakfast or brunch friendly pancakes depending upon how you serve them. We had this pancakes with nutella,jam and honey. We enjoyed our brunch as these pancakes are quite filling and satisfying. If you dont have buckwheat flour, do prepare the same pancake batter with your favourite flour and any flour works awesome.

Multigrain Flour Pancakes, Breakfast Buckwheat Pancakes

1cup Whole Wheat pastry flour
1cup Buckwheat flour
1 Banana (mashed)
1/2cup Yoghurt
1tsp Baking powder
1/2tsp Vanilla extract
3tbsp Maple Syrup
pinch Salt
Oil as per need

Mix whole wheat pastry flour,buckwheat flour,banana puree,yoghurt,baking powder,vanilla extract maple syrup and salt in a bowl.

Make them as thick batter, add water if needed to make the batter.

Keep this batter aside for 15 minutes.

Buckwheat Banana Pancakes

Heat a nonstick pan,pour a ladle of this pancake batter, drizzle oil if needed.

Cook in medium flame on both sides until they turns brown.

Serve warm along with maple syrup or honey.

These pancakes tastes too good when they are served warm.

You can even freeze them for later use, once thawed heat them in a tawa and serve, dont microwave this pancakes.

Eggless Buckwheat Pancakes

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