August 1, 2021

Empties #38 – Mateja’s Beauty Blog

My favourite foundation, this is the lightest of the two shades I have (bought in Austria a while ago. Now there are many more shades and confusing to me), while I also use 110, the lightest bought here (passable, but darker). I raved so much about this one here, it’s a foundation that makes my skin look so good, kind of perfected, though the coverage is only light-medium, but it’s the texture of this one that makes the skin look particularly good. My skin is normal-dry and I don’t find this is matte formula for oil/oily combination skin, as it neither mattifies a lot nor does it hold back oil, and that’s what makes it a great fit for me because it’s not too dry. 

Repurchase: Yes, I already have backups. 

I liked this a lot, especially for facial massages (I was alternating between this and Nuxe). Ingredients are great, it has a combination of oils (argan, macadamia, maracuja, apricot, sunflower, coconut, almond, grapeseed and  sesame), Vitamin E & C, Cocoa Butter, Retinol and Resveratrol – I don’t know the percentages, but it’s a very mild formula. It’s lighter than a lot of oils and sometimes I would even use it in the morning, but mostly it was a part of my night routine. This smells typically for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter line, so kind of chocolately.

Repurchase: Just ordered.

One of my favourite oils and also the thickest in my collection. My skin loved this one, at least from the start there was a visible difference in how well it suited my skin compared to other oils, but then it just did what other oils so, which at me is give my skin some glow and they keep it in check. Due to the price, I’ll stick to my other favourites, Palmer’s and Nuxe. 

Repurchase: Maybe someday. Perhaps my skin needs a bit of a break from it and I’ll see that bigger difference then. 

I liked this one less than Cell Therapy, though ingredients-wise they are similar, this one just replaces the AHA’s with vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). It’s got the same slippery, thick, but flexible hydrogel and there’s plenty of essence. It was less brightening than Cell, but a nice one nonetheless. 

Repurchase: I prefer the effect of the pink Cell one. 


Black Pearl

I’m still using these up (I have a pack). It’s one of my favourites because it gives a nice glow to the skin and it’s nicely moisturizing. 

Repurchase: Yes. 

ORIFLAME Swedish Spa Salt Crystals Body Scrub 

This wasn’t half bad. Since it’s a salt scrubs, some might see it as harsh, but I had more scrubby ones. It has this strange feeling, almost like there’s some vaseline in it, though there’s no mineral oil or petrolatum in it, but it doesn’t wash off completely and it leaves the skin with this sticky feeling, also it stick to the bath/shower floor and the situation get somewhat slippery. I find it’s best to wash this one off with a shower gel, but if you don’t, once you dry yourself the skin doesn’t feel sticky. It smells oceanic fresh.

Repurchase: No.

BALEA Crèmedusche 

White Gloss

One of my favourite LEs by Balea. It smells like white chocolate with coconut and a tiny bit powdery.

Repurchase: Done, I had to get a couple before they are gone.

THE BODY SHOP Body Butter Shea Butter 

One of my all-time favourites. TBS Body Butters are the best when the skin is really rough, dry and you need a quick fix. It’s the type of formula you have to apply before going to bed because it’s a heavy, rich formula and it takes time to absorb. This scent is a great neutral, creamy slightly nutty one.

Repurchase: Yes. 

NIVEA Body Milk Firming Q10 + Vitamin C 

While I didn’t like the texture of this one as much as Nivea’s Body Souffle Coconut & Monoi Oil, this is one so far the best body lotion I’ve tried when it comes to more long-term results. It promises to make the skin look better in 10 day and it does. It’s not a body lotion that would work instant wonders on very dry skin like TBS body butters do, but those work as a temporary thing and after a day the skin goes back to being dry again, but this Nivea one significantly improves the condition of the driest parts of my skin, such as a sand-papery elbows, when I use it every day. It also made my skin somewhat softer – completely unheard of for my skin. I’m always reading other people’s reviews about how a moisturiser made their skin baby soft and I never got that effect ever (I latter got Souffle version which also works, so Nivea gets two thumbs up from me). It also contains Q10 and vitamin C in a form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which are in the middle of the ingredients list. In terms of texture it was the lightest formula in my collection (I like my body moisturisers heavy and thick), however, it takes a long time to absorb. 

Repurchase: I like Soufflé a bit better, but it’s likely I’ll get both again.

This is one of those moisturisers that is nice to use and it leaves the skin nicely silky to the touch when it absorbs, which doesn’t take that long despite the thicker pudding-like consistency. However, it’s not very nourishing and my skin needs more. I get a much better (also long- term) effect from Balea Urea lotion, (any) Nivea cream, Bath & Body Works Shea lotion or The Body Shop body butter, so I’ll stick to those. It smelled nice like a perfume with a warm unidentifiable scent that occasionally smelled a touch of honey, but not like the real deal with milk. It’s like TBS Body Yoghurts – something to apply when you want to smell nice and use something lightly moisturising that absorbs quickly.   

Repurchase: It’s likeable, but my skin needs more

L’OCCITANE 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

One of the best hand creams than exists. The texture is so rich, yet it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave the hands greasy. Now I use Balea’s Urea hand cream which is much cheaper and also so good, but I’d love to have this one again. It’s available in 30 ml and this giant 150 ml size that lasts a long time, plus it smells so nice. 

Repurchase: Yes.

This is discontinued, but it had great ingredients – lots of proteins and coconut oil high on the list. It’s not similar to my beloved and also discontinued Quench Serum Crème, so I wasn’t as fond of it, but still it will be missed in the drugstores. It’s a leave-in conditioner that has a tendency to feel heavy when applied more than three pumps and it wasn’t easy to combine with other products. Dove now has some new hair care things, but those more interesting ones are impossible to get here.

Repurchase: It’s discontinued. 

A fantastic hair mask for very dry hair. It’s super thick, basically a balm, so it’s hard to spread on the hair, but I manage it with one bag of 25 ml, though if they weren’t 2 € I’d use two at once. Ingredients of this one are great, as it’s got argan oil 3rd, macadamia oil 4th, linseed oil 5th and castor oil 6th on the list, followed by glycerine, panthenol and in the middle of the list also hydrolysed keratin and collagen . It leaves my hair nourished, a bit less frizzy than usual and feeling silky. 

Repurchase: Yes. I really want a pot or two, but it’s not sold in my local Müller. 

IKOO INFUSIONS Thermal Treatment Wrap Color Protect & Repair Mask

This would be so much better if the mask were in a separate compartment, instead it has the treatment inside the cap just like Balea. Due to the length of my hair, the product didn’t coat much of it no matter how much I tried to massage it in, most of it ended on the top of the head. There was no self-heating effect either just like a Balea. The cap was better quality, a thick plastic type of material and the sticker held well. Since I didn’t get it all over the hair, only my top part got the max conditioning effect and it was okay for the first day, my hair felt light and silky, but then it got very dry and I had to smoother it in oil to get some moisture back in. It’s way too expensive for the effect I got, but on shorter, less dry hair than mine, it might be nice. 

Repurchase: No.

DOVE Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual 48h Anti-Pespirant

My standard deodorant. It does the job and that’s what matters. I find stick deodorants are the most reliable on me, but all leave white marks, which I can deal with. This one smells ok like coconut, though by now I’m so used to it I don’t even smell it anymore. 

Repurchase: Done.

BABYLOVE Feuchte Waschlappen

Basic, cheap baby wipes that are useful for so many things. These removed makeup swatches ok, though not all. They are nice and gentle and don’t leave much residue so I used them for face, body and surfaces. 

Repurchase: I got the Feuchttűcher mit 99% Wasser, with as the name says mostly water and they are nice too. I’d buy both again.


All of these have such intense scents they can be used as perfumes and that’s why I love them. Despite the moisturizing beads the formula is on the dry side, which is expected, but they are so nicely small that the fit in even tiny pockets. Scents are mostly LEs I believe, some may be permanent, but this one is a scent they often release in Autumn, their Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, which smells like sweet, vanilla latte. 

Repurchase: I’d love to, but they are so hard to get and when you do find them are aren’t 1$ per bottle like in the USA. I still have a couple. 

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel

Best hand sanitizer I used. It smells like candy and isn’t drying. I had a stock of these and I’m down to only one.

Repurchase: Impossible to get now and I don’t know if it still exists, but I used to buy them on Boots before Brexit.

BALEA Reinigendes Handgel

I always get the scented version though regular exists. These are nice enough, the scents could be more BBW like, but they are not sticky, don’t leave a residue and aren’t very drying. I used to hate the excess packaging, but now I buy them precisely for it because I can hand them outside my bag. However I use the 48 spray most out of all disinfectants because it’s in a spray and I can use it on surfaces too.

Repurchase: Done, I took the new Magical version which smells like berries.

I used up three of these. I use them for toning when I bleach my roots and I only apply it there, then blend it a bit down with a comb, but I leave out my ends and it always ends up nicely even. It’s not strong enough on its own to get my dark brown hair to anything more than orange (when used with a 12% developer instead of the added one), so still 3-4 shades too dark, but I use it after bleaching with a 3% developer to remove strong golden-brassy tones. Revlon’s Colorsilk 70 is a bit nicer, but this one is sold everywhere here.

Repurchase: Done.

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