Epiphany is a Christian festival on the 6th of January which celebrates the arrival of the wise men who came to see Jesus Christ soon after he was born. And this festival falls on first sunday of January. French people celebrates this day with a king cake prepared either with brioche dough or a pastry cake baked with puff pastry sheets and filling. Traditionally the filling calls for a rich frangipane filling prepared with grounded almonds, eggs,sugar and butter.Some of the king cakes goes for apple sauce or for pears or else simply with chocolate spread, now many versions do exists. Eventhough this popular King cake is still available in stores, every year i bake my own version of King cake as my kids love this super flaky cake especially for the trinket in it.

Coffee & Chocolate Frangipane King's Cake

Every year, these King’s cake have their important place at home especially after New year.Many people says that the small figurine/trinket hidden inside the cake represents Baby Jesus, but now the figurine changes depending upon a movie or a popular cartoon personality. Coming to the filling, i went with the usual frangipane filling but with chocolate and coffee, hence this king’s cake goes for a mocha filling.However this King’s cake is definitely rich in calorie though its definitely worth to try once in a year. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with ‘Cook for any festival’ as this week’s theme, obviously this King’s cake suits absolutely prefect for this week’s theme.

Moka Galette des rois, Mocha KIng's Cake

Frangipane Mocha filling:

1cup Almond powder

2nos Eggs
1/2cup Sugar

1/4cup Dark Cacao powder
1tsp Instant coffee powder

1/4tsp Almond essence

1/4cup Butter (room temperature)

Beat the butter, sugar together in a bowl until they turns soft.

Add the eggs one by one and finally add the almond powder,almond essence,dark cacoa powder,instant coffee powder and mix everything well.

Keep the bowl in fridge for half an hour.

Mocha King's Cake, Moka Galette des rois

For Assembling:

1no Egg yolk

1tbsp Milk

2no Puff Pastry sheets

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Place a puff pastry sheet over a baking tray,brush the edges of the pastry sheet with the egg-milk mixture.

Pour the already prepared almond mixture over the pastry sheet and spread them evenly,dont spread over the brushed egg mixture.

Place the another pastry sheet over and give a press over the edges,so that they get well stick.

Mocha Frangipane King's Cake

Make a small hole in the middle of the pastry sheet and with a knife make some lines over the pastry sheet as your desire.

Brush now the pastry sheet with the remaining egg-milk mixture and bake in middle rack of the oven for 20-25minutes or until they turned brown.

Slice it and enjoy.


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