If you ask a South Indian for an easy breakfast, trust me most of us will definitely talk about the popular upma. Yes this breakfast dish is quite an easiest one to prepare, usually prepared with semolina, you can dish out this quick and easy upma with any sort of broken grains aka rava. Nowadays you can find out varieties of broken grains like wheat, ragi,millets, sorghum, barley etc. Recently i got a packet of broken jowar from Indian stores, after making a simple dish out this jowar rava, i was looking for a chance to finish them. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Easy breakfast dishes as theme, obviously i couldnt think more than dishing out one of the popular and most hated South Indian breakfast aka upma. Jowar rava works awesome to make this delicious and vegan upma. However if you want to bring more flavour to this healthy upma, you can drizzle a teaspoon of ghee once the dish is ready to serve.

Jowar Upma, Tomato Jowar Rava Upma

Jowar rava i used was not the fine quality, hence the cooking time may varies. Obviously this medium sized Jowar rava may takes bit time to cook hence i opted for pressure cooker. Actually i cooked this jowar rava upma in my pressure cooker which turned out this upma more quicker and easier than the usual way of making upma. To bring the colour and bit tanginess to this simple upma, i couldnt stop myself adding some tomatoes. Hence i named this dish as Jowar rava Tomato upma. When served with a spicy chutney or side dish, trust me one can finish his breakfast without any complaint. One of the best way to sneak this broken sorghum in your diet. Excellent breakfast dish to enjoy and to pack in anyone’s lunchbox as this dish is seriously wholesome and healthy definitely.

Tomato Jowar Rava Upma

1cup Roasted Jowar rava/Broken Sorghum
2nos  Tomatoes (chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
1tsp Ginger (chopped)
2nos Green chillies (slit opened)
1/2tsp Mustard seeds
1/2tsp Urad dal
1/2tsp Channa dal
2 Dry red chillies
FewCurry leaves

Heat enough oil in a pressure pan. Let splutters the mustard seeds, add the urad dal, channa dal, dry red chillies, curry leaves, chopped ginger.

Add the chopped onions, salt and saute until the onions turns transculent.

Now add the chopped tomatoes and cook until the onions turns mushy.

Add 2cups of water, check for the salt and bring them to boil.

Gluten Free Jowar Tomato Upma

Once the water starts boiling, add the roasted  jowar rava, mix well. Put the lid and cook in medium flame until the steam comes out.

Put the stove off, drop the pressure cooker whistle and dont disturb.

Let this sit for few minutes. Once the pressure gets released, open the lid , give a stir.

Serve  hot with coconut Chutney.

Jowar Rava Tomato Upma

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