A packet of whole multigrains aka Sathumaavu cereals were sitting in my pantry since a while. Though i grabbed this packet of mixed whole multigrains for making the usual traditional porridge with it, i changed my mind to dish out some dangerously laddoos with them. Its quite an authentic sweet balls, which is quite often prepared in many South Indian households just to feed everyone at home with these healthy and nutritious grains. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Make one type of Sweets, though Indians have many delightful sweets, i opted for laddoos. Hence am posting three different laddoos for this week’s theme. Yesterday, i posted an interesting puffed lotus seeds and edible gum laddoos which is obviously a delicious sweets to give a try at home, and my today’s post is this extremely delicious saathumaavu nei urundai, trust me these balls are dangerously addictive.

Sathmaavu Laddoo, Sweet Sathumaavu Balls

Since i prepared this laddoo with whole mixed grains, this laddoo wont be as smooth as like those laddoos prepared with storebought sathumaavu mix. I grinded those grains bit coarse powder as i felt like having something bit crunchy while enjoying these laddoos. Rolled with generous amount of ghee, these laddoos stays prefect for more than a week in room temperature if they are conserved properly. If you dont feel like dishing out this laddoos with ghee aka clarified butter, just sprinkle some milk and roll them. Yes even milk works awesome to prepare this laddoos and the shelf life may varies. Enjoy the goodness of the wholegrains by dishing out these sort of healthy sweet balls out of them.

Mixed Grains Laddoo, Sathu maavu Laddoo

2cups Whole multigrains
1cup Jaggery (grated)
3nos Cardamoms
1cup Ghee or milk (as per need)

Dry roast the whole multigrains until a nice aroma comes from.

Transfer the roasted grains to a plate and let them cool completely.

Take the roasted grains, grated jaggery, cardamoms in a mixie jar and grind as bit coarse powder.

Mixed grains laddoo

Transfer the grounded powder in a plate, gradually add the melted ghee and roll as medium sized balls.

Conserve them in an air tightened box.

They stays prefect for more than a week but trust me these balls are dangerously addictive.

Multigrain Ghee laddoo, Sweet Sathumaavu laddoo


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