If you are looking for an extremely easy sweets to dish out for some special occasions or else for a festival, dont forget to check this incredible Nariyal Khoya Laddoo. With just easily available ingredients and less than 5 ingredients you can roll out these incredibly delicious sweet balls in an ease. I carried unsweetened Khoya all the way from India and i have freezed them as small portions for further use. And i have been cooking with those frozen khoya portions for a while, trust me even after few months they are still prefect to dish some ultimate sweets or dishes out of them. You may wonder why i have carried those unsweetened khoya all the way from India, all because of their excellent quality. I have a friend who have her own dairy farm and she got a big packet of unsweetened khoya specially for me, how can i refuse her kind gesture. Obviously i brought them to Paris and those milk solids are ultimate to cook with.

Mawa Coconut Laddoos, Unsweetened Khoya Laddoos

I have been running this week’s blogging marathon with Make a type of Sweets, and i opted for Laddoos. After two different laddoos, here comes an another easiest and simple laddoos which will definitely please your sweet tooth. With simple cooking method and easy ingredients, one can dish out these cuties with less efforts. Though i opted for stove top cooking, you can still go for microwave cooking as these laddoos are very quick to prepare as well. Unsweetened khoya aka mawa plays an important role in this laddoos. If you love coconut and mawa, then dont forget to make these cuties without any fail. I used sweetened condensed milk hence these laddoos came out extremely rich, if you want to replace condensed milk with sugar, please go with.

Khoya Coconut laddoos, Coconut Khoya Laddoo

1/2cup Unsweetened Khoya/Mawa
1+1/2cup Dessicated coconut
1 cup Sweetened condesned milk
1/4tsp Cardamom powder
Chopped almonds (as per need)

Take the khoya and sweetened condensed milk in a heavy bottomed pan, heat together until the mawa gets well mixed with the condensed milk.

Add the dessicated coconut and cook in simmer until the mixture turns thick and gets out of the vessel.

Add the cardamom powder, chopped almonds and mix well.

Put off the stove.

Khoya Laddoos with Dessicated Coconut, Nariyali Khoya Laddoos

Make medium sized balls out of the mixture. It will be hard to handle the warm mixture.

Do wait for moment until the mixture bit cool, but dont wait for a long, else dont forget to reheat the mixture in microwave oven.

Conserve the laddoos in an air tightened box.


Nariyal Mawa Laddoo, Khoya Nariyal Laddoo


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