Looking for an easy, eggless and a delightful luscious dessert for your sunny days. Dont forget to check my today’s post, No churn frozen mixed berries icecream is quite a quick icecream to prepare with less efforts. This icecream doesnt need any special gadgets apart from our mixie or else a hand blender. Here in Paris, we get easily frozen berries in every stores as they are available for making desserts and sauces with. Obviously my freezer will always have this berries as they are handy to prepare some fabulous chilled drinks as they are very easy to prepare with. Blend these frozen berries with some cold milk,sweeten it with your favourite sweetner and they are just ready to relish. Coming to my today’s No churn frozen mixed berries icecream, you just need heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and frozen berries. Yes this icecream needs just 3ingredients, how wonderful na.

No Churn Mixed Frozen Berries Icecream

Though this icecream is completely egg free and no cooking involved, if you feel like making a rich and creamy icecream, dont forget to add egg and whipping cream just to give a fabulous creamy texture to this icecream. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with no cook desserts as theme. Obviously i will be posting three different interesting no cook desserts to enjoy virtually. This week’s posts are going to be some fantastic desserts to relish even after a heavy meal and prefect to enjoy as desserts for your summer lunch days. We enjoyed few scoops of this icecream with some Amaretti cookies which i didnt forget to crush on the top of this icecream to bring some crunchiness to this smooth icecream.

Eggless No Churn Frozen Berries Icecream

2cups Frozen Mixed berries

1/2cup Sweetened condensed milk

1cup Heavy cream

Take the frozen berries,sweetened condensed milk and heavy together in a blender, blend them slowly together as a smooth paste.

Transfer this mixture to a stainless steel box and let the icecream sit for an hour.

Scoop the icecream and enjoy with your favourite topping.

Frozen Berries Ice cream, No Churn Berries Icecream


Indian mixies works out wonder for making this icecream.

Grinding frozen berries will be hard to blend, just add chilled water or milk to grind.

Once blended,you can transfer this icecream to a stainless steel box and arrange them in freezer for later use.

You can serve this ice cream topped with candies, nuts,cookies or else simply with chocolate sauce.

No churn eggless Mixed Berries icecream

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