Once fall season starts here in Paris, farmer’s markets will gets loaded definitely with varieties of apples, pears, clementines, kiwis etc.  Apples are the prominent Fall fruits here, obviously we make use of it in many bakes especially in cakes. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Make them as cakes as theme, hence this week’s posts are going to be some kid’s friendly cakes. I love to bake cakes than grinding idly batter, yes dunno why. My mom used to pull me coz of this, i hate grinding idli or dosa batter than preparing cake batter. If any occasions presents, i look for an opportunity to bake a cake to please my cake loving kids at home. Though my space have varieties of cakes, some are yet to bake and post in my space.

Chocolate apple cake

Am kick starting this week’s theme with a simple, yet a delicious butterless Chocolate apple cake which is definitely an excellent evening snacks or breakfast to enjoy with your cup of coffee or tea. You may wonder why am talking about breakfast, yes if there were some leftove cake slices in my cake box. My  kids will literally fight to have those slices for their morning breakfast, so in my place, cake is not only for snacks or desserts, we love to start our day with cake. Obviously i love to add fruits, dry frutis in cakes just to feed easily my kids with less efforts. Though we love apples, am allergic to apples, i cant have them raw hence i dont forget to add apple chunks in my cakes just to please myself.

Chocolate Apple Cake, Apple Chocolate Cake

1cup All purpose flour
1cup Whole wheat four
1cup Yogurt
1cup Sugar
3nos Eggs
1cup Oil
1tsp Baking powder
2nos Apples (chopped finely)
1/2cup Chocolate powder
1/2cup Chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Mix both the flours and baking powder and keep aside..

Add the eggs, sugar and beat until they turns soft.

Now add the oil and yogurt to the sugar-egg mixture and beat again everything for a while.

Now add the flours, chocolate powder,chocolate and stir well until everything get well mixed.

Apple chocolate cake, Butterless Apple Chocolate Cake

Meanwhile mix a tsp of flour to the finely chopped apples and mix it well, this helps the apples not to get down once the batter starts baking.

Pour the batter to the greased round mould, now add the floured apple chunks on the top of the cake batter.

Pour the remaining batter, springle few apple chunks over the batter and bake for 35-40minutes in middle rack..

Enjoy with hot coffee or chocolate..

Dust the cake with confectioner’s sugar (its completely optional).

Butterless Apple Chocolate Cake


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