Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa with Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia,Chad, Red sea,Central African Republic as borders. Sudanese cuisine is a reflection of multicultural society, yes their cuisine is a mixture of Arabs, Africans, Indians, Greek and Turks who settles in Sudan. Hence they use spices from all over the world which makes their food so special and comforting. In Sudan, the meals are served on a large round tray and the whole family sits around the tray to share the food, this way they create a close bond between the family members. Sudanese breakfast is served with dishes like Mullah, Asida, Fried meats or leaves, peanut butter salad and many more. Hence their foods are rich and very comfort as well. Sudanese are very generous when its comes to foods. A Sudanese house wife brings all the foods she can prepare to please her guests. Usually if you visit a Sudanese home they will serve a cold drink followed by tea along with cookies or pastries. If you visit them during meal time, they will never leave you without sharing their foods.

Sudanese Gorrassa, Sudanese Flatbread

Porridge is one of the main foods eaten in Sudan and its generally made with wheat, soghrum and corn. Peanuts is an another key ingredient in Sudan cuisine however i grabbed an interesting flatbread from this Sudanese cuisine. Gourassa/Gorraasa is a super soft, fluffy pancakes like flatbread which will be super spongy. Gorraasa is prepared often in Sudanese home to serve with stewed meats or can be eaten with a mixture of yogurt,crushed garlic, raw onion,cumin powder and oil. Usually teared as small pieces, gurasa is enjoy with clean hands. These Sudanese flatbread goes for this month’s blogging marathon as am running this Mega marathon with A-Z International Flatbreads. Obviously for ‘G’, i couldnt stop myself to post this spongy Sudanese flatbread for this theme. We enjoyed this pancake like flatbread with honey and jam and we loved it. They stayed prefect for a day in room temperature, but trust me if you have kids around you, they will definitely enjoy this ultimate Gurasa.

Gorrassa, Gurassa

Recipe Source: Here
2cups Whole wheat flour
1cup All purpose flour
1tsp Baking powder
Oil for cooking

Take both the flours,baking powder and salt together into a large bowl.

Add the water gradually and turn everything as a thick pancake like batter. Keep aside for an hour.

Once you see the bubbles on the top of the batter, your batter is ready to make this spongy flatbreads.

Gurassa, Sudan Flatbread

Brush a nonstick pan with oil, pour a ladle of this batter, and spread as much as like a pancake.

Keep the flame in medium flame. Not to overcook the bottom of the pancakes.

Cover the pan with a lid and cook in simmer.

Serve warm with your favourite spreads or stews.

Sudanese Gurassa, Gorrassa

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