Honestly am trying to keep myself away from deep-frying, but the weather in Paris is getting much worst nowadays. Obviously our tastebuds were craving for something deep fried and crispy to munch with a cup of coffee or tea. And this week’s blogging marathon theme is ‘Deep fried Love’, hence this week’s posts are going to be three different deep fried beauties. Needless to say how everyone at home enjoyed this theme. Yes after more than a month my family members had a chance to indulge some deep fried dishes as evening snacks. Am kick starting this week’s theme with an ultimate homemade Boston cream donuts. Donuts are yeasted dough which is fried and enjoyed when tossed with cinnamon sugar. Coming to this Boston cream donuts, its a round, yeasted donuts with chocolate frosting and a pudding filling which is a miniature donut version of Boston cream pie.

Custard cream donuts, Boston Donuts

Donuts or doughnuts are my kid’s favourite and my younger one was asking me to make some Nutella Donuts which is our family favourite as well. Since i stopped buying nutella now, i dont want to dish out those donuts hence i opted for this ultimate cream donuts. Though this donuts is bit long to prepare, its seriously worth to try these cuties. The best part of making this donuts is the assembling : piping the vanilla cream inside the donuts and giving the final touch with chocolate frosting. Seriously i enjoyed thoroughly making this donuts and these cream doughnuts is a big hit among my kids. If you are looking for a dangerously delicious donuts to please your tastebuds, dont forget to check this incredible doughnuts.

Boston Cream Donuts, Homemade Boston DOnuts

Donut Dough:
5cups All purpose flour
1tbsp Instant yeast
2cups Luke warm milk
1/2cup Sugar
1tsp Salt
1/4cup Butter (melted)

Take the all purpose flour,yeast in a bowl, add the milk, melted butter, sugar, salt and mix everything together.

Knead the dough well until it turns smooth and slightly sticky.

Place the dough into a greased bowl, cover it, and let it rise for 2 hours.

Lightly flour your working surface and knead the dough for few minutes. Punch the dough and roll the dough 1/2-inch thick with a floured rolling pin.

Homemade Boston Cream Donuts

Cut dough using a round cookie cutter or else with a round glass.

Cover the donuts and let them sit to rise atleast for an hour.

Heat enough oil for frying, and fry the donuts both sides until they turns golden brown. Remove the excess of oil with paper towel.

Pastry Cream:

1+1/3cup Milk

2 Egg yolks

1tsp Vanilla extract

1tbsp Cornflour

1/4cup Sugar

Heat the milk  in simmer, meanwhile whisk the egg yolks with sugar and vanila extract.

Add the hot milk slowly and whisk everything, transfer this mixture in a saucepan and whisk until they turns thick in simmer.

Boston pastry cream filled doughnuts

Pour it in a bowl and cover it with a clingfilm right on the surface of this  pastry cream to prevent the skin forming and cool it completely.

Fill a piping bag with pastry cream

Chocolate Frosting:
200grams Dark chocolate chunks
50 grams Butter

Melt the dark chocolate chunks with butter in microwave for 30 seconds.

Mix well and make a silky chocolate frosting.

Boston Donuts, Boston Cream Donuts

Using a skewer or a sharp knife, make a hole on the side of the donut and then fill it with pastry cream.

Now dip the top of the cream filled donuts to the chocolate frosting.

Arrange on a wire rack and let it sit for a while until the frosting gets completely set.

Enjoy the donuts for your snacks or for your desserts.


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