1cup All purpose flour

2cups Whole wheat flour

1tsp Instant yeast

1cup Warm water

1/2tbsp salt

1tsp Sugar

2tbsp Olive oil 

In a bowl, take the flours, instant yeast, salt and sugar.

Add gradually the warm water,olive oil and mix everything together. Knead well until the dough turns soft and elastic.

Cover with a towel or a plastic wrap and keep it aside to rest.

Preheat your Saj(if using it) i used a wok in simmer.

Shrak Bread, Shrak flatbread,Jordanian Shrak

Divide the dough into 6-7 equal sized balls.

Sprinkle your work top with some flour and start flattening your dough balls with a rolling pin.

Once the wok is hot, place the flatten dough sheet on the wok individually and bake on one side only until the flatbread bubbles and golden brown.

Remove the bread from the Saj and cover with a damp towel.

Continue the process with the remaining dough. Serve this bread with your favourite toppings.

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