If you are looking for a different, flavourful and easy breezy breakfast for your weekdays or some fabulous crepe like pancakes for your brunch, you should take a look to my today’s post. Malawah, is a simple sweet crepe like pancakes prepared with flour, egg and sugar along with milk. These are basic ingredients for Malawah, however many variations do exists. But i grabbed this pancakes from Somali Kitchen where the author used cardamom powder to bring the flavor to this dangerously addictive pancakes. I have a small story behind this Malawah, yes actually while i was looking for International flatbreads for September mega marathon, i crossed this Malawah. Honestly my first choice for the september’s theme was pancakes or crepes from various parts of the world.Obviously i bookmarked this crepes but unfortunately i changed my theme to flatbreads as i had hard time finding some alphabetic letters. However i seriously want to try this Somalian pancakes very soon as possible as i have some ardent crepe lovers at home.

Somali Sweet Pancakes, malawah
Am running this week’s blogging marathon with Pick one Alphabet,3 countries. And i picked ‘S’, hence this ultimate super delicious, thin, dangerously addictive Malawah for the theme.Somalian people eat Malawah for their breakfast or snacks with honey. These pancakes are just prefect to kick start a day. Quite filling, these pancakes makes excellent dessert after a meal as well. As much as French crepes, you can go for any spread of your choice to enjoy this pancakes. Though a Yemenite flatbread aka Malawah do exists, Somalis fondly call this pancakes as Malawah however Malawah is written as Malawax in Somali. If you dont have enough time to prepare these pancakes earlier in the morning, make them a day before and conserve them properly in fridge. Reheat them in microwave oven and enjoy with your favourite jam, honey or nutella. With subtle cardamom flavour, these Malawah pancakes are simply awesome to indulge without any guilt for a weekend brunch.
Malawah, Somalian Pancakes

3+1/2cups Self Raising flour

2nos  Eggs

1/2cup Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

1tsp Cardamom powder

3+1/4cups Milk

Oil /Butter for cooking

Take the eggs, sugar, milk, salt and cardamom powder in a blender and blend until everything turns frothy

Now add the flour slowly to the blender and mix until the mixture turns as a smooth batter.

Place a non-stick frying pan or tawa on medium heat.

Somali Pancakes, Malawah, malawax

Pour enough batter at the centre of the pan. Move the pan in circular motion so that the batter can easily spread.

 Drizzle some oil on top of the pancake, once its turns brown, flip the pancake and cook on the other side.

Remove the pancake from the pan and continue the same process with remaining batter.

Serve warm or hot with your favourite spreads.

malawah, Somali Sweet Pancakes

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