Mawa Jalebi, is one of the delectable Indian sweets which is prepared with homemade mawa aka popular milk solids. Milk solids/khoya/mawa, whatever you name them is one of most interesting ingredient which is quite often used in Indian cuisine especially for making some delightful milk based sweets. Traditionally milk solids are prepared by boiling full fat milk for hours to yield nice quality of mawa. However nowadays short cut version or cheat versions of Mawa do exists. Yes cheat version of mawa calls for full fat milk powder and cream. Both once mixed and cooked until they turns thick makes some quick version of mawa. Coming to my today’s post, this is definitely a must try sweet dish from Madhya Pradesh, yes Mawa Jalebi is one of the most known sweets from this region. Traditionally this sweet is prepared during Raksha bandhan, diwlali etc. Mawa Jalebi is definitely a fabulous sweet dish to prepare at home to share with your family and loved ones for special occasions.

Mawa Jalebi

Am taking you all today to Madhya Pradesh for this month’s Shh Cooking Secretly, a monthly event started by me, which is now hosted by Mayuri Patel, we are cooking from Madhya Pradesh cuisine. We are exploring each regions of India and we, the fellow bloggers shares secretly our ingredients to cook a dish which will be mysterious ingredients for others and the best part is to guess the ingredients. Every month we are having loads of fun to guess other’s secret ingredients,dont forget to ping me if you want to join this group. For Madhya Pradesh, i have been paired with Aruna Panangipaly who blogs at Aahaaram, her blogs is a collection of Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. If you are looking for some droolworthy Andhra style recipes, dont forget to check her space. She gave milk and sugar as secret ingredients for this month’s event, obviously i cant think more than dishing out the famous Mawa Jalebi from Madhya Pradesh for this month’s theme. And i have bookmarked Madhya Pradesh thali long back from Manjula’s Desi Fiesta, and i grabbed her Mawa Jalebi from her delectable thali. A big thanks to Manjula for this tremendous sweet.

Madhya Pradesh Jalebi, Mawa Jalbei

Recipe Source : Desi Fiesta
1cup Mawa (homemade)
1/4cup Maida/All purpose flour
2tbsp Milk
Few Saffron strands
1+1/2cup Sugar
Oil for frying

Take the maida and mix with enough water to make a semi thick paste.

Now take the mawa in a food processor, add the maida paste, water (if needed) and mix everything to make thick pouring consistency paste.

Keep aside in a warm place for an hour, mix the batter well and transfer it to a ziplock bag.

Meanwhile heat oil or ghee for frying.

Make a sugar syrup, by boiling a cup of water and sugar until the syrup turns as one string consistency.

Khoya Jalebi

Add saffron to the syrup and stir well.

Now make a small hole to the ziplock bag, once the oil is hot.

Hold the bag on the top of the oil and press the bag to make medium sized swirls.

Fry the swirls until golden brown on both sides.

Once fried, remove the swirls and top the jalebis to already prepared sugar syrup and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Drain the jalebis and enjoy warm.

Jalebi and Indori poha makes an excellent combination, do give a try to this.

Khoya Jalebi, Mawa Jalebi

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