When Pizza and quesadillas meet together, obviously the final result will be Pizzadillas or Pizza Quesadillas. My kids are crazy fans of Pizzas, and nothing can beat the homemade pizzas na. However i plan myself to make pizza crust often at home with different grains in it, so that i can feed my kids easily pizza with healthy grains in it. And do you know that these homemade pizza crust base can be freezed easily which will be really handy to use whenever you feel like making a pizza party at home. Thaw the pizza crust and top them with your favourite toppings and your pizza is ready to bake. Trust me this works awesome for me. But in case if you dont have time to make your own dose of pizza crust, dont worry. Now you can dish out some delicious, cheesy, extremely addictive and dangerously tempting pizzas with some store bought tortillas.

Pizza quesadillas, fusion quesadillas

We know very well that, tortillas are used often for making quesadillas which is usually stuffed with different stuffing. Since am running this week’s blogging marathon with Make them as Pizza as theme, i simply dished out this pizzadillas with some store bought tortillas and usual ingredients. Dont forget to give a try to this fusion Pizza, am sure kids will definitely go crazy if they see this cheesy quesadillas. I prepared this Pizza quesadillas with some leftover bolognaise sauce which i simply topped with chopped onions, tomatoes and cheese. And pan fried them quickly to serve for our dinner. We had a super filling dinner and my kids enjoyed this dish thoroughly. Give a try to this different pizza with less ingredients in it. Definitely worth to try. These pizza quesadillas are just prefect to pack in your kid’s lunchbox as well.

Pizza Quesadillas, fusion pizzadillas

Tortillas (as per need)
Store bought sauce/Bolognaise sauce
Chopped onions
Chopped Tomatoes
Grated cheese (as per need)

Heat a pan in medium flame, place a tortilla, sprinkle cheese on one side of the tortilla.

Now spoon the sauce as per need, sprinkle some chopped onions, chopped tomatoes generously.

Top again with cheese generously.

Pizza quesadillas, pizzadillas

Fold the tortillas as half moon. drizzle some oil and cook until the tortillas turns golden brown.

Cut in wedges and serve warm.

If you love to add any additional toppings,  dont forget to add after first sprinkling of cheese.

Pizza quesadillas


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