Uruguay is a country situated in southeastern region of South America. Its borders with Argentina to the west and Brazil to its north and east. As i told in my previous post, am running this week’s blogging marathon with Explore Southern Hemisphere as theme. South America completely belongs to Southern Hemisphere obviously there was a lovely collection of beautiful countries to check and cook from those countries. I opted for Uruguay as this Tortas fritas got my attention while i was googling for this theme. Simple to make these fried cakes or biscuits whatever you want call goes for easy breezy ingredients.

Tortas Fritas, Uruguayan Fried Cake

Tortas fritas means Fried cakes or Fried pies but this tortas fries are more like fried crispy biscuits. This fried biscuits are quite popular in both Argentina and uruguay, where this dish is enjoyed on rainy days afternoon with their popular Yerba mate tea. While googling i crossed varieties of Tortas fritas with both yeast or with baking powder. Since i found those prepared with yeast came out extremely crispy and puffy than the baking powder ones, i prepared this Tortas fritas with yeast in it. Usually served with Dule de leche or jam, one can enjoy this crispy fried biscuits without any guilt. Everyone at home enjoyed thoroughly with our favourite hot chocolate.

Uruguayan Tortas Fritas, Fried cake

2+1/4cup All purpose flour
1tsp Salt
1/2tsp Instant yeast
1cup Milk
3tbsp Butter
Oil for frying
Sugar for coating

Take the flour, salt, instant yeast, butter in a bowl. Mix everything well.

Slowly add the luke warm milk and knead everything well.

Knead until the dough turns smooth and soft. Keep the dough in warm place for an hour.

Once the dough doubles the volume, punch down the dough and divide the dough to 8-10balls.

Uruguayan Tortas Fritas, Uruguay Fried Cake

Flatten the ball with a rolling pin as thin circles, poke a hole in the center of each circle with your finger.

Heat enough oil for deep frying.

Once the oil is hot, drop the rolled cricles and fry the biscuits in small batches until they turns golden brown on both sides.

Drain the fried tortas on paper towel,sprinkle generously the sugar while the biscuits is still hot.

Enjoy with jam or dulce de leche.

Tortas Fritas, Uruguayan Fried Biscuits.jpg


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