If you are making often just some crunchy coleslaw or else some easy breezy salads with purple cabbage, you should definitely have to take a look to this crispy fritters aka TamilNadu style masala vadais. Masala vadas are quite a streetfood which can be found easily in every corner tea shops all over Tamilnadu. Masal vadas is usually prepared with channadal along with few spices, however many sort of variations do exists. One can add some grated vegetables or greens to make vadas more delicious and healthy to feed kids easily with vegetables or greens. And my today’s post is one among those vegetable loaded fritters aka purple cabbage masala vadas. Cabbage is one of my favourite vegetable but at home its quite a struggle to feed my kids with this leafy vegetable.

Cabbage Masal Vada

If i want to feed my kids easily with vegetables or greens, i will definitely opt for their favourite foods like noodles, vadas or else pastas. They just cant discard the vegetables this way. However adding vegetable in vada batter is definitely one of the best way to sneak vegetables as well. Am running this week’s blogging marathon with ‘Deep fried Love’ as theme. After some gorgeous Boston cream donuts, am posting this dangerously delicious, very addictive cabbage loaded channadal fritters for this week’s theme. And this vadas are completely onion free as shredded cabbages replace the chopped onions very well in this vadas.

Purple cabbage channadal fritters

2cups Channadal
1/2cup Purple Cabbage (shredded finely)
3nos Dry red chillies (chopped)
1tsp Ginger (chopped)
Few Curry leaves
2nos Garlic cloves
1/2tsp Fennel seeds
Coriander leaves (as per need)
Oil for deepfrying

Soak the channadal for atleast 3 hours.

Grind the soaked channadal, dry red chillies,garlic cloves,fennel seeds as coarse paste without water, if its too hard to grind,just sprinkle some water.

Add the shredded cabbage chopped green chillies,chopped ginger pieces, curryleaves and salt, mix everything well.

Muttaikose Vada, Purple cabbage Masala Vadai

Meanwhile heat the oil for deep frying, take a small ball from the grounded mixture, flat them in your palms and gently drop them in hot oil.

Fry them until they get well cooked, strain the excess of oil with a paper towel..

Serve hot with spicy coconut chutney.

Purple cabbage Vadai, Cabbage Vadai


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