July 31, 2021

REVIEW : Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser

Hi gangs! This time I’m back with a review of a face wash that I’ve been using for a month. In fact, recently I’ve been curious about Citra’s newest product, which has just been released, namely Citra Cantik Indonesia, whose products are inspired by the natural beauty of the archipelago. The adverts are often on TV. A month ago I decided to change my face wash because my Clean&Clear face wash made my skin dry because it has salicylic acid in it. I went to Alfamart, in my heart I wanted to buy Wardah Hydra Rose Face Cleanser because of a recommendation from my friend, but there wasn’t any. Eh, when I looked at the skincare rack, my eyes fell on Citra’s newest face wash, the Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser which was inspired by the Raja Ampat ocean. Based on the information I got, this Citra Cantik Indonesia product was released on a limited basis.

As a dry skin owner, I’m a little fussy when it comes to face washes. The consistency of the face wash that I like is usually in the form of a gel because it usually doesn’t make my skin feel tight after rinsing. Finally, without thinking, I decided to buy this Citra Marine Collagen Face Cleanser

Then how is the performance of this product after I use it for 1 month? Let’s see the review!


The packaging is standard, just like a face wash in general. The shape of the tube is flat and in my opinion the tube is very similar to the face cleanser ponds that I tried last year, even the shape of the flip top cap too. But it’s true that Citra and Ponds are both from Unilever, so it’s only natural that the packaging is almost the same xixixi

On the front of the tube it says “cleans without feeling dry, skin feels supple” I immediately decided to choose this Citra for me to buy after reading the article. in my heart I muttered “this is what I was looking for” wkwk

the flip top cover is the same as the ponds face cleanser cover wkwk

I think the packaging design is interesting and very intentional. There is a beautiful view of the Raja Ampat sea in Papua there. Very fresh to see. Feels like going traveling. Honestly, I’m also more interested in buying it because of the beautiful packaging, btw, it only contains 90 ml, guys, just like the Ponds Juice Collection Aloe vera gel cleanser that I’ve tried before. Oh yes, the back of the tube contains a fairly informative product description, ranging from benefits, ingredients, how to use, manufacturer information, BPOM registration to the Halal certification logo.


On the back of the product it says “Citra Marine Collagen Hydra Cleansing Gel” but in front of the tube it says “Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser” Wow, I’m a little confused. What is the actual name of this product, friends? But because in front it is called “Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser” I will give the title of this article with the name listed on the front of the tube :’)

The Citra Cantik Indonesia series is inspired by the natural beauty of the archipelago, such as Raja Ampat which is famous for its natural panorama rich in coral reefs.

“Citra Marine Collagen Hydra Cleansing Gel is enriched with 100% Natural Marine Collagen Essence, using the best natural ingredients we have found to re-energize your glowing skin” Feel the benefits on your skin:

  • Clean thoroughly
  • Maintain skin moisture
  • Refreshing skin

Citra is committed to providing the best products from Citra and using natural ingredients responsibly with 100% Natural Marine Collagen essence, 100% Natural Origin Glycerin from Indonesia, and 100% cleansing ingredients derived from nature* (*referring to fatty acids)

As for how to use the product, I usually use this face cleanser in moderation, I lather it on wet palms, or sometimes I lather directly on my wet face first. I always use it twice a day, every morning and at night before going to bed.


The first time I used Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser, I immediately deja vu to Ponds Juice Collection Aloe Vera Gel Cleanser. The feel is similar, especially the texture. Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser has a fairly thick gel texture, transparent blue color and of course fragrant. Yes, from the start when I opened the packaging, I could smell the fragrance, the typical scent of skincare products or perfumes with the words “marine” on it. Typical light and refreshing fragrance. I think the scent is a bit strong, but since I like the smell, I don’t mind. Btw I also really like using the Morris Tropical perfume which has a marine scent. So of course the marine fragrance in this image product is not a problem for me.

I think because it has a gel texture, this image face cleanser won’t produce a lot of lather. But it turns out that I was wrong, guys, the foam is quite a lot and it’s really foamy. I was worried because I was afraid of making my face dry but after trying it, I was quite impressed because even though there was a lot of foam, the image of this marine collagen gel face cleanser didn’t make my skin dry out afterward. In fact it becomes more chewy and of course fresh. Is this the effect of the marine collagen? After I rinsed off, my face was smooth and supple. No dry feeling. After washing my face I usually continue with my next skincare. what is claimed from this product I feel all, especially the claim “skin feels supple and cleanses without feeling dry” works really well for me. If you still have makeup residue, it’s best to clean it first using micellar water or makeup remover, and then finish cleaning it using this marine collagen gel face cleaner.


After using it for a month, my skin is compatible with this Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face cleanser. There is no breakout reaction or make my skin dry. It’s just that yesterday I had a single PMS pimple and the use of Citra Marine Collagen Gel Cleanser is safe when my skin is acne-prone, it doesn’t make the acne more inflamed or make the pimple dry. So the pimple doesn’t budge at all. I really recommend this Citra Marine Collagen Gel Face Cleanser for those of you who have dry skin or dry skin because on my dry skin it doesn’t dry out my skin at all and it feels really comfortable after washing my face because I don’t feel pulled. But for those of you who don’t like or are sensitive to skincare that contains fragrance or perfume, maybe you can reconsider trying this product because I think Citra Marine Collagen Gel Cleanser is quite fragrant. Oh yes, if you are interested in trying it, you can buy it at the nearest Alfamart. At that time I bought IDR 27,500/tube with 90 ml, I can use it for 3 months.

You can also buy online via Unilever Indonesia Official Store yes! This product is released as a limited edition, so if you want to try it, grab it fast!

Ok guys, that’s all my review this time, see you on another review^^

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