July 31, 2021

REVIEW : Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Haii gangs! See you again on my blog. After gathering intentions for a month, I’m finally back with a new post. Honestly, lately I’ve been lazy to update the blog, even though there’s a lot of content that I want to post. Indeed, at this time it seems that the blog trend is starting to fade since the existence of social media Instagram and YouTube. Many influencers on blogs have moved to Instagram and YouTube. Unfortunately I still can’t dive into these two platforms in the near future and haven’t thought about moving there yet. I still feel at home on this blog platform because I get good feedback here. But it is possible that one day I will try it on other platforms besides Blogs. You could say that blogs are currently dwindling in popularity, but I’m sure the blogging platform won’t go out of business like that. Besides the increasing popularity of audio-visual platforms, I believe that literacy platforms can continue to grow and live in tandem with audio-visual platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Because I’m sure there are still many segments of society out there who prefer to find information through writing on blogs. So don’t be discouraged to keep writing content for bloggers, especially beauty bloggers! (self cheering)

Okay, that’s all the vent , this time I will review a product that can be said to be a combination of 2 products, namely essence and toner. Honestly, for the last 2 years I haven’t used toner in my skincare routine because I don’t think toner is “important”, I just use face wash, serum and cream. But lately my skin has started to get irritated, often breakouts, peel and grow a lot of blackheads too. I don’t know what caused it, but it’s really annoying. Finally, my friend lectured me about the importance of using toner. He said there are 2 types of toner, namely exfoliating and hydrating toner. I know I’m just lazy to use it. Tired of seeing my face getting more and more unkempt, I finally decided to try a product that was already very hype among skincare enthusiasts, namely Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner which was included in the hydrating toner category to complement my skincare routine. This product is very practical, right, because it combines essence + toner. This product is highly overrated and has received many positive reviews. In this post I will share my review and experience after using Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner, is it worth the hype? Let’s see the review!


The packaging comes in a box with a navy doff cardboard material which is quite sturdy and comes with a seal when it is new, both on the box and in the mouth of the bottle which is equipped with an aluminum plastic seal. So before you use it for the first time, take it off, seal it in the bottle so that the contents come out. The packaging design is very simple. Not a lot of fuss, it looks like it’s to the point. but even though it’s simple, it looks like skincare isn’t expensive, isn’t it? Even after sometime I think the packaging is like a cough medicine bottle

The toner itself is packaged in a thick transparent plastic bottle with a sapphire blue color typical of the Pyunkang Yul brand. Although the plastic is transparent but the color is a bit dark so it’s a bit difficult to see the contents inside without the help of light. When I flashed it, I noticed how much more the product contained. Oh yes, the cap is a flip top bottle with a small bottle mouth. The lid is very secure, no worries about spilling. I have the biggest pack with 200 ml contents, as far as I know there are 30 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml sizes. I’m desperate to buy a bigger one, because I’ve used Pyunkang Yul’s moisture cream before and it suits me, but I didn’t have time to review it.

Even though it’s 200ml, I don’t think the bottle is that big, but it’s still too bulky if you take it for traveling. Overall, I just like the packaging, which is simple but still impressive, it really describes the image of the Pyunkang yul brand which is known to be simple and uses natural ingredients from Korea called Hanbang.

The box contains a product description. It’s just that because Pyunkang Yul comes from South Korea, of course the product descriptions listed are written in Korean. Don’t worry because there is also a description in English. But don’t worry, Pyunkang Yul has officially entered the Indonesian market so it’s already registered with BPOM and a product description is also listed through the label from the importer of Pyunkang Yul in Indonesia, namely PT. Korean style which adds a short description and how to use it using Indonesian.


“Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner which is full of nourishment and rich hydrated”

This Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner contains 91.3% Milk Vetch Root Extract to restore skin energy & increase elasticity. Dense, creamy texture that absorbs quickly into skin for a moist yet smooth and clean finish.

How to use: Pour an appropriate amount on a cotton pad. Apply gently following the skin lines.

Based on the list of ingredients, you could say that Pyunkang Yul has very minimal ingredients, only 7 ingredients are used. I didn’t even see any ingredients like parabens or fragrance in the product. That’s great, right? Oh yes, the main ingredients of this Pyunkang yul essence toner are milk vetch root extract (or also called astragalus membranaceus root extract) which is very high as much as 91.3%. These ingredients have been used for a very long time in the world of medicine in China, the benefits range from maintaining heart health, boosting the immune system, reducing chemotherapy side effects, reducing anxiety and sleep disorders, relieving seasonal allergy symptoms and benefits for the skin as anti-aging, such as reducing wrinkles on the face and spots and helping trigger the growth of new skin cells (Source: Klikdokter). Pyunkang Yul’s products come from a clinic in South Korea called Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic. Pyunkang Yul himself claims that the main ingredient can provide benefits to restore skin energy and increase skin elasticity.


Let’s discuss the performance of the product. When I first released the product, I was quite impressed because it has a slightly thicker texture than normal toners. Many say the texture is like essence. Yes, maybe because Pyunkang Yul is a combination of essence + toner. Well, but when it’s poured into the palm of the hand it’s a bit runny and surprisingly it absorbs really fast. There is no sticky drama or long wait for the toner to sink in.

Oh yes, in terms of color, this toner has almost no color because it is transparent, almost like the color of water in general. Regarding the fragrance, you can actually say that there is no fragrance at all. Really minimal skincare. But over time when I live it, it smells really the same. The cake smells like herbs, you know (?) It smells like leaves or roots, but the smell really won’t be noticed if you don’t really feel it with your nose. Overall, I don’t have a problem with the smell of the product because you can say it doesn’t have a scent at all. So it’s very safe, especially for those who are very sensitive to fragrances in skincare products.

Usually I use Pyunkang Yul essence toner not according to the instructions for use. Considering the texture is a bit thick, I need to apply a lot of product so that the cotton feels quite wet, and I feel that this method is less effective, I choose a more effective and efficient method by pouring the toner directly into my palms as much as 5-7 drops, I mix it first in the palm of my hand then I tap tap on my face and I feel the toner is absorbed more into my face than using cotton. Well, it really depends on your preference, which method is actually the same. But if it’s my taste, I use the toner directly #pour it at hand wkwkwk. Oh yeah, when I used this toner for the first time, my skin didn’t react to anything like itchy or sore, even in the irritated skin area it didn’t feel tight, instead there was a calming and moisturizing effect instantly, I like it! Usually I join this Pyungkang Yul Essence toner after using the Cosrx exfoliate toner and continue using serum and cream.

My skin is dry and flaky when I use exfo toner, even when I use a mild exfo toner, the formula is like Cosrx clarifying toner. My skin sometimes gets a little tight, so after using the Cosrx I continued to use this Pyunkang Yul essence toner and it really helped soothe my skin and reduce the stinging effect. But I only use exfoliate toner every 2 days, while I use Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner every morning and night and before applying makeup to help hydrate my dry skin.

Now I discuss its performance on my skin. My skin tends to be dry to the point of peeling and usually before my period/menstruation my face gets drier suddenly, a lot of blackheads and acne breakouts huhu T^T the past few months I’ve been struggling a lot with hormonal acne that’s hidden in my skin . Finally, I tried adding this exfoliate toner and hydrating toner from Pyunkang Yul. Surprisingly, within 1 month of using it I really noticed the difference in my skin before adding toner and after adding toner in my skincare routine.

I feel that Pyunkang Yul essence toner can optimize the performance of my other skinkers, and I also noticed that since using Pyunkang Yul toner my skin barrier has gotten better. Not easy to dry and spotty. Last month I had hormonal acne before my menses, this month no new pimples appeared at all, I’m really happy it’s exactly what I expected. They say that the main ingredient of Pyunkang Yul toner, namely Milk Vetch Root Extract, also has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal function, so does this toner also play a role in preventing acne on my skin? 🤔

Then I also noticed that my skin texture now looks much smoother and more radiant, it’s not dull.. if I use makeup it’s also easier because dry patches are almost non-existent now. I also noticed that the pores in my cheek area are much less visible. Yesterday, I combined it with a serum that contains vitamin C too, but I didn’t feel well enough and went back to using a propolis serum from Beauty of Joseon. I swear the effect gets even better when I combine it with Pyunkang Yul’s toner, my face looks more glowing. Even when I don’t use highlighter, my skin looks healthy and glowing, not oily.

I think this toner works according to its claim, which is to “restore skin energy and increase skin vitality” because after I use it, it’s like re-energizing my skin that was lost and becoming stronger, with my skin barrier improving and my skin texture getting better after adding Pyunkang Yul. This Essence Toner. As for getting rid of acne scars, I don’t think it’s effective, after all, Pyunkang Yul doesn’t claim to be able to reduce acne scars, but for me, he’s pretty good at calming my acne-prone skin so it doesn’t get more inflamed.


So far I’ve made mistakes on my nails for ignoring the importance of using a toner this is arguably the first time I’ve used a hydrating toner and the results have really impressed me. Pyunkang Yul Essence toner is enough to meet the expectations that my skin needs. I feel like this product is really worth the hype because it’s already overrated and a lot of people use it. I think it’s only natural that this product is overrated because it’s a really good product. Oh yes, the product is also quite cheap for a Korean brand toner, at that time I bought it at shopee at a price of IDR 112,000 with 200ml contents and I think it’s quite a lot. But even though the price is affordable, it’s really original, because my Pyunkang Yul toner comes from the official Pyunkang Yul distributor in Indonesia, namely PT. Indonesian Korean Style. So you can also buy this product at Shopee Style Korean Indonesia Official. It is possible that I will repurchase this product another time.

OK guys, overall I’m very satisfied with the performance of Pyunkang Yul Essence toner because it works well on my skin. The results I get of course are not only obtained from using Pyunkang Yul toner, but also a combination of my other skincare series where Pyunkang Yul helps my skincare in the next stage to work more optimally

That’s all for my review, I hope it helps! See you on another review^^

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