July 31, 2021

REVIEW : Scarlett Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion Jolly

Who doesn’t know Scarlett? Scarlett is a brand under the auspices of the artist Felicya Angelista which focuses on beauty care products for hair, body and face. Btw, in the last year I noticed that the Scarlett brand is really popular, especially on TikTok and Instagram, it’s often very busy. Because of its popularity it makes me tempted to try. Since June 2020 I have been using a series of Scarlett’s body care and I continue to use it until now because I really feel the results. My skin is brighter after using Scarlett body care and it makes me repurchase all the time.

Every time there’s a new product, Scarlett, I’m excited to try it. After launching the freshy variant, recently Scarlett launched a body lotion variant with the latest fragrance, Jolly. Wow, the name is really unique, I’m even more curious to try it and prove for myself how good this jolly Scarlett Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion variant is until I finally get to try it too, I’m happy.

Then how do I feel after about a week of using this Scarlett Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion Jolly? Let’s keep scrolling for the review!

Scarlett’s body lotion packaging does have a characteristic with a slightly bulky bottle with transparent plastic material and a pump with a lock. It contains 300 ml. Each variant of the Scarlett body lotion has a signature color, for this Jolly variant it is peach pastel and has a hint of red too. Btw I like the color, it looks cute and sweet. When it’s new, this Scarlett lotion is very safe because it comes with a plastic wrap seal to protect the contents of the product. Btw, I’ve tried all the variants of Scarlett’s body lotion, from the romantic, charming, freshy, fantasia to the newest jolly. I’m a big fan of Scarlett’s body lotion until I’ve tried all the variants wkwkwk. Actually, each variant of this Scarlett lotion has the same benefits, only the difference is the scent or perfume in the lotion.

On the back of the package there is product information but there is a sticker on how to use the lotion (?) Then there is information on the ingredients as well as information on the manufacturer.

Oh yeah, it turns out that now Scarlett, apart from being registered with BPOM and no animal testing, is now halal-certified, I’m really happy. It’s quieter to use. Oh yes, when you get a Scarlett Whitening product, make sure that the package has a hologram sticker attached to it. You can scan the sticker by scanning the QR code listed or enter the product serial number listed on the hologram sticker by entering it on the official website of Scarlett Whitening. But you have to log in first before checking. If the product you get is original, a notification will appear on the website that the product is original.

I often read some of the experiences of other people who got fake scarlett products. Duh, be careful, gang, to prevent this from happening, make sure you buy it directly from Scarlett or a trusted reseller.


From the info I got from the label on the lotion package and the Instagram Scarlett, Scarlett’s flagship body lotion formula is known to rely on Glutathione and vitamin E which help brighten, moisturize and ward off free radicals. But for the latest Jolly variant, it contains niacinamide and Kojic Acid which are known to be good for brightening the skin and nourishing the skin. In addition, the fragrance from this jolly variant has a characteristic soft and sweet fragrance, a combination of coffee, white floral, vanilla, ceddar and patchouli scents, whose fragrance makes a pleasant atmosphere.

Ingredients list for Scarlett Body lotion Jolly:

Aqua, Demineralisata, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Mineral oil, Glycerin, Perfume, Propylene Glycol, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Titanium Dioxide, Glutathione, Dmdm Hydantoin, Triisopoprapanotamine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Acrylate Copolymer, CI 1427 & CI 15525.

Ingredients list Scarlett Body Lotion Romansa : Acrylic polymer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triisopropanol Amin, Propane-1-2-diol, Propane-1,2,3-triol, Dmdm Hydantoin, Fragrance, Beads A2-millicapsule, Glutathione, Water.

From what I see, the ingredients list is a bit different from the ingredients list for the Romansa and Freshy variants. Here I will compare the ingredients of romance, the order of the ingredients is clearly different. If the Jolly Aqua (water) variant is in the first place, then the “water” romance variant is in fact the last order in the list of ingredients.

Then the romance variant contains Propane-1,2,-3 triol, and beads A2 millicapsules, sewhile the jolly variant contains niacinamide, propyl glycol and kojic acid. As well as other ingredients that are very different from the Romansa variant. I don’t know why the ingredients are different for each variant. When I checked, the freshy ingredients were in a different order and there were other ingredients that weren’t found in the Jolly or Romansa variants. But if you look at the texture and effectiveness, it’s the same, but if I had to choose, I prefer the jolly texture because it’s lighter, not too creamy like romance.


Honestly, I’m really excited to try this Scarlett Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion Jolly, because I’m a follower of Scarlett’s ig, I often see the product being updated in Scarlett’s snapgram. It looks really interesting, it makes me want to try it right away and I finally got around to trying it, I’m happy

When I took it out, the color of the lotion is peach, the lotion has almost the same texture as the other variants of Scarlett lotion, but I don’t think this jolly variant is as thick as the romantic texture. This jolly texture is lighter, a bit watery. I find jolly easier to blend, maybe because this jolly variant contains more water than other variants, so the texture tends to be more watery making it easier to blend. The absorption is still the same as other variants, absorbs quickly and is not sticky.

According to the info I got from snapgram and Scarlett Whitening’s Instagram post, this Jolly variant smells a mixture of Coffee, Vanilla and White Flowers, some who have tried it say that it smells similar to YSL black opıum perfume. My brain so traveling must smell “expensive” aka “elegant”. Eh, when I tried it for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the scent, it was really the fragrance I had been looking for all this time. The fragrance is elegant but still sweet, it looks very feminine mas girlfriend also noticed the smell of mine, she said she liked the smell of me you can literally say I smell good because I use Scarlett lotion which smells so fragrant wkwk

Indoor lighting

In my opinion, the scent is predominantly vanilla and musk, mixed with floral notes, and has a slightly powdery scent as well. Not the typical light fresh scent, this jolly scent is quite strong but doesn’t sting the nose, it’s still calm but has a “no” scent. The scent is also quite long lasting. Even though I did ablution too, he still smelled the smell, even though it wasn’t as strong as before it hit the water. I’m really impressed with the smell, it’s actually exactly what I wanted

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lighting through the window

Another thing that I like is the tone-up effect of Scarlett’s lotion which makes it bright instantly without looking too much. My skin, which was originally dull, looks bright and fresh. Honestly, for a year using Scarlett Body Lotion and other Scarlett series, my skin has become brighter. Actually, my skin wasn’t as bright as it is now, since I’ve been diligent in skincare using Scarlett’s body care, my skintone has gone up a bit. I don’t know how many bottles of Scarlett lotion I’ve used in the last year, I think I’ve had 4 bottles of cake. Not the same with the shower scrub and body scrub either. As much as it is, it has not been replaced by another, even though usually when it comes to body care I like to mutually change. But it’s been a year I always repurchase Scarlett because it really works on my skin

For its moisturizing ability, you can say it’s so-so, aka enough. But if the skin condition is very dry, I think this Scarlett Jolly body lotion or other variants are still not moisturizing enough. It’s better to add another lotion that is more occlusive or before using scarlett, use a body serum or body oil, if you can, an unscented one because if there is a scent, there will be a collision with the perfume in the lotion. Scarlett :’)

Oh yeah, I even now have 3 Scarlett lotions. I’m using Romans. There’s only 1/4 bottle left, I haven’t opened the jolly and the fresh ones because they were deliberately stocked. It’s just that I’m stocking up, duh.

After trying jolly, I got the top 3 variants of Scarlett lotion which I like, the first order suddenly became Jolly, the second Romansa (initially this was the first position) and the third place was Freshy. For the other 2 variants, namely charming and fantasia, I won’t try these variants again because the scent is not what I like. Only 3 variants, namely romance, jolly and freshy which smells really good to me. Definitely will always repurchase


I can conclude that this Scarlett Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion Jolly has shifted the position of the Romansa variant as the lotion with the fragrance that I like the most. When it comes to brightening, it’s clear that I feel the same way, that’s why I always repurchase this Scarlett lotion again, because apart from having a longer lasting fragrance than other lotions, Scarlett is also very helpful for maintenance so that my skin remains soft and bright, even though it’s still very moisturizing. not enough for dry skin but overall I’m quite satisfied with its moisturizing ability because now my skin is normal, not very dry. So just use the Scarlett lotion.

Oh yes, this Scarlett Fragrance Body Lotion can be purchased through one of these platforms:

line @scarlett_whitening and via WhatsApp 087700353000

For the price of IDR 75,000, guys, oh yes, for a special package of 5 items (you can choose any product) the special price is only IDR. 300,000 already got an exclusive box and free gift from Scarlett

I usually buy through shopee because there is free shipping and the buying process is easier

Ok guys, that’s my review this time, see you on another review^^

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