August 1, 2021

REVIEW : SomeThinc Forever Stay Eyeliner

Some time ago I was heartbroken because my Maybelline eyeliner didn’t live up to my expectations. To treat the heartache, I tried to find a replacement and my heart was fixed on SomeThinc Forever Stay Eyeliner. To be honest, I just found out that SomeThinc has eye makeup as well as its serum and cushion products which were really hype some time ago. Learning from previous experiences, I don’t really have high expectations for someThin’s eyeliner. If it’s good, thank God, if not, that’s okay. After all, when I bought it, I was actually quite confused when I chose eyeliner from my subscription seller, because I’ve never tried the SomeThin product, so my thumbs up is to add this SomeThin to the basket and check out.

I’ve been using this somethinc eyeliner for 3 weeks and I think it’s enough for me to review it here now for those of you who are looking for information about this product before deciding to buy it.

Then how is the performance of the product after I try it, is it worth to try? Let’s keep scrolling to see the review!


One thing I mumbled when I first saw the product. Anti-mainstream! Wow, this is the first time I’ve found an eyeliner that is packaged in a “box” (?) form because usually out of the ones I’ve tried, it’s just a regular bullet, the eyeliner pen is like most. This is a new experience for me to try eyeliner that comes in a box.

When the eyeliner was new, it was packaged in a black box which looks so exclusive because there is a holographic accent on the packaging. Honestly, I like the design of the box, of course, the design of the eyeliner pen is also the box decorated with small cute illustrations, I even saw an illustration of the puppet symbol cake, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, it’s very local. oh yes, in the box the information listed in my opinion is less informative because there is very little information about the product. just a short claim, manufacturer and BPOM information as well as a list of ingredients and batch numbers. maybe more detailed info can be added, such as how to use it or product storage precautions

I thought the box packaging would be difficult for me to hold, but it’s easy to use, sis. There are no significant obstacles. You just have to be careful when you close it, make sure it’s tightly closed, because if you don’t, the lid can come off on its own *my experience is that* apparently there’s a spring in the lid, guys, so make sure it’s closed properly, until you hear a “click”.

The thing I like the most is the pen applicator! Sharp, sleek and very precise. If you want to draw super thin or thick lines, you can really adjust them at will. When worn, it’s also comfortable, not stiff or too sluggish. It seems that from the few eyeliners I’ve tried, the SomeThinc eyeliner applicator is the most powerful. Oh yeah, you can say that the contents of the eyeliner are very small, or is the standard for the contents of an eyeliner pen like that? The content is only 0.5ml but it takes months to finish, even after 3 months it is recommended to change the eyeliner, guys. Because as far as I know, the period of using eyeliner and mascara after opening it is only 3 months.


The product claims are quite interesting, he said that somethinc forever stay eyeliner is waterproof and smudgeproof. That’s cool. From the packaging, do you want you to have a Bombay crying session until you enter the swimming pool and other adventures, this somethinc eyeliner will accompany you forever. Wow, that’s really hyperbole, yes, but that’s the art of marketing, otherwise it’s not interesting, shay. But still, even though the claim is like that, I still think rationally, I don’t want to be too expectant 😀

Oh yes, there is writing on the side of the box “I won’t cry for you, my eyeliner is too expensive far more interesting” Yes, yes, I also usually like to hold myself back from crying when I use eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara. Even if it claims to be waterproof, I still can’t be 100% sure I can cry quietly. Bombay without being insecure, the eyeliner will bleed, but after reading the quotes on the side of the box The someThinc eyeliner has a point too. The eyeliner isn’t expensive, but it’s not cheap either. Then indeed, this SomeThin eyeliner is really interesting.

Ingredients, just zoom in


The first time I swiped, I really liked the finish, not a matte eyeliner but not too glossy either. That’s fine. The eyeliner is also quite runny so it takes time to set until it dries. I beg for those of you who use this eyeliner not to blink a lot. Let it set a bit first, then build up again if you feel the eyeliner is still not thick or sharp. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that somethinc eyeliner has a shade name, namely blackest black. I don’t know if there are other colors besides black, but I think this somethinc eyeliner color is quite intense.

When compared to Pixy, the cake is still thicker than Pixy, but no problem for me. The important point of someThinc eyeliner is that the applicator is comfortable and easy to apply. The tip of the sponge tip after using it for 3 weeks is also safe, it doesn’t turn out to be letty or hairy. The thin and precise shape of the sponge tip/pen can make it easier for me to draw eyeliner, whether it’s thin or thick as desired, whether it’s winged up like a cat eye or puppy eyes like a rose blackpink, it’s really easy, if I’m wrong, just wipe it off with a cotton bud. which has been given a little makeup remover, that’s OK. Below I take photos of the product swatches while testing the waterproof and smudgeproof claims.

When you first apply somethinc eyeliner, it takes a few seconds to set. After that I tried rubbing it with a barbarian, it’s still safe, guys, the eyeliner doesn’t budge. After scrubbing I tried rinsing with tap water, it’s still safe. Then something started to happen when I rubbed the eyeliner when the rest of the water hadn’t dried after rinsing, the eyeliner came off when I rubbed it wet. I’m not surprised, because usually local eyeliners that claim to be waterproof and smudgeproof are like this, for example, the pixy eyeliner pen is the same as this one. As for the staying power, I think it’s pretty good, it can last from 8 am to 8 pm if I don’t wash my face.

NOTES 15/4/2021 :

Unfortunately this eyeliner is not oilproof, yesterday the eyeliner stuck/smudgeed on my upper eyelid, but it wasn’t as bad as maybelline’s smudge :’)

However, if I wash my face when I use this eyeliner, I get to 2 times, I don’t notice the eyeliner on my eyes is faded or stumped, but it’s different after I wash my face for the 3rd time, the eyeliner starts to fade, the color is not as strong as when I first used it and it’s a bit broken. – broke up. So I can conclude that some thin forever stay eyeliner can be waterproof and smudgeproff under certain conditions, but the claim is that it doesn’t work if you wet the eyeliner while rubbing it.

Recently, I’ve been liking the rose blackpink style eyeliner, the puppy eyes style eyeliner, it’s really cute. Usually I like to do wing eyeliner up, but now I prefer to do it down because it makes my eyes look bigger and it’s funnier to look at. Now this is when I use some thin forever stay eyeliner on my eyes

How are my eyeliner drawing skills? Is it tidy? Please advice and input, xixixi


Overall I really like someThin’s eyeliner, especially because of the applicator. I am satisfied with the performance of the product which is comparable to the price. At that time, if I’m not mistaken, I bought it for IDR 52,500 at one of the shopee star sellers. You can buy through SomeThinc Official Store Shopee yes! I think the price is worth it for the quality of the product. If you are looking for an eyeliner with an applicator that is super sharp and easy to use and quite long lasting, I recommend this SomeThin forever stay eyeliner. I think this SomeThinc eyeliner will be one of the eyeliners that I will repurchase in the future because I love the results.

Ok guys, that’s my review this time, see you on another review!^^

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