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Baked Cheesecake

I enjoy trying new recipes because they keep boredom in the kitchen at bay. Ever since the lockdown began, I have been seeing a lot more people cook and bake on Instagram. It’s so tempting to follow all of them but then again, I feel I might overlook the updates from people who I know in person because that’s what happened to me on Facebook. So I just take a screenshot of the recipes and let them know once I’ve tried it. 

Baked Cheesecake

I absolutely enjoy when you tell me that you have tried something from here. It’s not a sense of accomplishment but it’s something that makes me feel that I’ve been helpful to someone. I get a lot of responses, more than what I can respond to in a day’s time on Instagram these days. I enjoy every bit of it and sometimes I fight with the kids to get that extra five minutes to reply to all the queries and the beautiful pictures you all send. It is really heartwarming going through every single one of your messages.

Baked Cheesecake

Whenever I get similar questions, I do a Q & A session once in a while. It’s even more fun because I get to interact more with my followers. I just finished doing one today and I am amazed at the variety of questions you had for me. I’ve heard that variety is the spice of life and it really is true, in this case for me. By doing so, I get to know you guys more. It’s boring when it’s a one-way interaction. Don’t you think so? 

Baked Cheesecake
So when I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page, I came across Simi’s page and found her recipe for this baked cheesecake. Even though I’ve baked many a cheesecake before, I felt that this one would be incredibly delicious because of the ingredients. Condensed milk is my forever favourite ingredient to add in a dessert. I have been caught multiple times by Ian while trying to scrape and lick the bottom of the tin. I don’t know what it is but condensed milk just makes everything taste better!
Baked Cheesecake
I baked this cheesecake over the weekend because a friend of ours was coming over with her baby after what felt like ages. Now, meeting anyone outside the family feels like a celebration. So I felt I needed to bake something different yet something that she would enjoy. As I was scrolling through my screenshots on the phone I quickly thought of this recipe. I had everything on hand so didn’t waste any minute and set out to baking this beautiful, delicious cheesecake.


Make a 9 inch cake



250 grams Marie biscuits, powdered fine

100 grams unsalted butter, melted


500 grams cream cheese, room temperature

1 cup condensed milk

2 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Dulce de Leche, as needed

Method: Preheat the oven to 400 F / 200 C and wrap the outside of a 9 inch springform tin with foil.

Base:  Mix the two together and press into the tin.

Filling: Using electric beaters on medium high speed, beat all the ingredients together in a large bowl until well combined, about 2 minutes. Pour over the base and bake in a water bath for about 40-45 minutes or until the cheesecake is almost set and still a bit jiggly, like jelly. Take it out and let it cool completely. Chill for 6-8 hours to set it further. Top it with a few dollops of Dulce de Leche before serving.

* You can add berries, chocolate, cookie crumbles etc to the batter before baking. Change the topping accordingly. You could also bake it plain and serve with fruit toppings.

Baked Cheesecake

When our friend left, Jobin wasn’t around and when he came down later I thought he looked serious when told me that it was the best cheesecake that I have ever made. He kept saying how perfect the slice looked and how soft the filling was and how perfect the base was. I didn’t know how to react because I was trying to read his face at first that whatever he said didn’t register quickly. I laughed out loud when the compliment finally sunk in. 

Baked Cheesecake

Our friend really enjoyed the dessert and I packed a few pieces for her to share with her family later. This is indeed a good recipe and I am sure there will be multiple repeats and requests for it from now on. The leftovers were happily polished off by Jobin & Zara! I urge you to try this sometime soon, you will really enjoy it! Just keep an eye on the baking time. It can vary from oven to oven. The final jiggle of the cheesecake as you pull it out of the oven should remind you of jelly-jiggle. It will continue to cook and firm up as you let it cool down and later chill in the fridge. To get clean slices, dip your knife into boiling hot water and wipe it. Repeat for each cut. Simple, right? 

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