Jeera rice is a well known Indian dish prepared with cumin seeds and rice. Its quite a popular and well known dish in North Indian cuisine and in some part of Pakistan this dish is an everyday rice dish for many. Quite an easy one pot meal to prepare with less efforts. Usually served along with rajma, jeera rice makes a prefect meal to enjoy without any fuss. Cumin seeds when fried in oil, brings an extreme flavor to this simple rice dish. To give a twist i couldnt stop myself to add some already cooked black-eyed peas to this flavourful rice. Yes adding lobia aka black-eyed peas to this rice turned this aromatic dish more healthy and rich in protein. I dished out this cumin rice for our weekend lunch and served with chicken kurma and liver masala. Trust me we had a fabulous sunday special lunch.

Black-eyed peas Jeera Pulao, Lobia Jeera Pulao

Rich in protein, this Jeera lobia rice can be easily packed in anyone’s lunch box. Dont forget to serve this simple rice with a super rich side dish to have a satisfying meal. Since this dish is quite easiest one with simple ingredients, you can prepare them quickly than you can imagine. Even on a busy morning day, if you have some already cooked black-eyed peas in your fridge you can prepare this dish in a jiffy. An excellent protein rich one pot meal to prepare if you are looking for a simple and aromatic rice for your lunch or for your dinner.Am running this week’s blogging marathon with one pot meals as theme, obviously this flavoursome rich goes for this week’s theme.

Jeera Lobia Rice, Cumin Black eyed peas Pulao
1cup Rice
1cup Cooked Black-eyed peas
1tsp Cumin seeds
1no Bay leaf
1no Black cardamom
2 Cloves
2cups Water

Soak the washed rice in water for half an hour, drain the rice.

Heat oil in a pan, fry the bayleaf, black cardamom and cloves

Add the cumin seeds and fry until they turns brown.

Now add the rice, black eyed peas and fry for few minutes, add the 2cups of water,salt and cook in medium flame until the rice gets cooked.

Put off the stove, keep aside.

Jeera Lobia Rice, Black eyed peas Cumin rice

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